The Perfect Golf Swing: 5 Ways To Fix Your Slice

  • The Perfect Golf Swing: 5 Ways To Fix Your Slice
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    We all want the perfect golf swing, nice and smooth just like the pros. If you are a golf player, you know that it is important to improve your swing. Having a good swing is essential to your success with regard to golf. There are different ways to improve your golf swing and avoid the dreaded slice. In addition to improving the technique of how you make the swing, there are other ways you can improve your swing and lessen the chances of a slice. For instance, it is extremely important to have a good golf club to begin with. This can help to improve the effectiveness of your golf swing, and it can help you to become a much better golf player.

    About The Slice

    One very common mistake that golfers make is the slice. A slice essentially means that the ball hooks somewhat to the left or right. This depends on whether you are right or left handed. However, either way, it is detrimental to the quality of your swings. Slicing your swing is actually so common that the majority of golfers are making it. In fact, 90 percent of golf players are thought to have a slice in their shots. However, the pros are very careful to avoid having a slice with their swing. The slice is so prevalent that even most of the best players will sometimes make this mistake. Even pro level players, such as Tiger Woods, have been known to make this common mistake in their swing at times. Of course, you will never see the slice in a formal demonstration of exceptionally good golf skills. If you are able to eliminate the slice from your swing, it will help you to improve your playing ability very dramatically.

    Avoid Using A Weak Grip

    Ben Hogan Golf Grip - Perfect Swing

    A weak grip increases the chance of slicing the ball. For this reason, it is important to keep a strong grip on the club. In order to have a stronger grip on the club, do not have your thumb pointing straight down the club. You should imagine a line extending up the base of your thumbs to the right region of your shirt’s collar. This will help to ensure you have the proper grip to avoid slicing your shot.

    Use The Towel Technique

    One way to learn proper technique to avoid the slice is to put a towel under your right arm. Make sure that the towel remains underneath your right arm. If it ends up falling out, this wasn’t the proper swing technique to avoid the slice. If you can learn to swing without the towel falling out, it is likely to lead to an improved swing. In addition to illustrating the proper technique, practicing with the towel underneath your right arm can help to train your brain to use the ideal swing technique.

    Focusing On Your Swing Rather Than Avoiding Divots

    Divots can be a pain for golfers, and they are also a pain for the owners of the golf course. Over time, it is true that divots can be damaging to the golf course. However, if one concentrates too much of their attention on avoiding divots, it takes away from the quality of your swing. This can put you at risk of making various mistakes with regard to your technique, including slicing your shot. For this reason, it is crucial to focus on improving the technique of your shot rather than on avoiding divots. If you are more focused on avoiding divots than your swing, your chances of slicing the shot goes up significantly. On the contrary, being primarily focused on the quality of your swing helps you to avoid slicing the shot.

    Pay Attention To The Sound Created By The Swing

    When you are working on avoiding slicing your shots, it is important to not ignore sound. Unfortunately, many people do. It is important to be aware of the sound that the ball makes with a good swing without a slice. Get to know this sound. After you get to know the sound, make a concerted effort to continue to get this same sound. This will help to train your brain to repeat the pattern that led to the good swing with no slice, and it is an effective strategy to employ. As time goes on, your brain will become trained to naturally try to reproduce this sound. If you know the sound of a slice-free shot well and try to get that sound, it will become much less common that you will slice the shot.

    The Importance Of Getting The Right Club

    Of course, it is important to get the right club. There are many golf clubs on the market, and they vary in terms of their quality. While it can be much cheaper to acquire a low quality club, this will not provide you with the best quality swing you can have. Having a low quality club can greatly increase the chances of you slicing your shots. Therefore, it is important to invest in the right club. Furthermore, it is possible to get a golf club that specifically helps to eliminate the slice. These golf clubs can be very beneficial to your swing, especially if you have a problem with slicing the shot. Unfortunately, many golfers do. There are many resources that you can use to help you determine which clubs are the best for avoiding slicing your shots. It is possible to read reviews of golf clubs online. Additionally, there are books that discuss the best golf clubs to get to avoid slicing the shot. In general, high quality golf clubs are better for avoiding slicing your shots.


    If you can avoid slicing the shot, it will make it possible for you to play at a whole new level. You will find yourself doing far better with your golfing, in general. While even the pros sometimes slice their shots, they make every effort to avoid making this mistake. In fact, they take a lot of time to avoid this particular mistake, and it is the curse of many golfers. Unfortunately, the tendency to slice the shot is present in nearly every beginning golfer.

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